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Sans Merci, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Spielmann emerges with the sharpest character arc and expertly lands all of it powerfully. Her performance is sweet and touching at first, exploding near the end in a raw, stunning, and brave burst of emotion. I literally shook watching the young actress tear apart the stage.“
-Mateo Moreno, The ArtsWire

“Brave are actors Rachael Hip-Flores and Alisha Spielmann for so honestly, intimately and nakedly (in all senses of the word) portray the love between two young women.”
-Julie Congress, Indie Theatre Now

Alisha Spielmann Sans Merci

Alisha Spielmann Bus Stop

Bus Stop, Gallery Players

“But just when you’re about to write off the whole production as a loss, Spielmann will suddenly deliver a line with so much longing that this dated revival feels momentarily fresh.“
-Mark Peikert,

Blast Radius, Gideon Productions

Alisha Spielman’s caution and sharp wit, as Clem, shine as a foil to the reckless, rebellious Ronnie and her relationship with the less intelligent but lovable Dev (Seth Sheldon) makes a profound point about loving people because we have to have companionship.”
-Michael Mraz,

Alisha Spielmann in Blast Radius

Alisha Spielmann Desk Set

The Desk Set, Retro Productions

Spielmann gives Ruthie that innocence we all had at our first job, that “I’ll do anything” spirit, that youthful earnestness…without making Ruthie a pushover or childish.”
Karen Tortora-Lee,