Alisha Spielmann in Jane the Plain


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The Honeycomb Trilogy: Blast Radius Clem Gideon Productions
The Runner Stumbles Erna Prindle The Bleecker Company/Retro Productions
RIZING Mica (LEAD)  Flux Theatre Ensemble
The Butter and Egg Man Jane Weston (LEAD) Retro Productions
Over Nicole (LEAD) New York International Fringe Festival
Jane The Plain Jane (LEAD) Flux Theatre Ensemble
Sans Merci Tracy Flux Theatre Ensemble
Blast Radius Clem Gideon Productions
Always Celia HB Playwrights Foundation Theatre
The Runner Stumbles Erna Prindle Retro Productions
Dear Ruth Ruth Wilkins (LEAD) Retro Productions
The Desk Set Ruthie Saylor Retro Productions
Hack! An I.T. Spaghetti Western Karren Impetuous Theatre
Native Speech Janis Boomerang Theatre Company
All's Well That Ends Well Diana Boomerang Theatre Company
Love in the Insecurity Zone Pearl Boomerang Theatre Company
Bus Stop Cherie The Gallery Players
The Learned Ladies Henriette The Gallery Players
As You Like It Celia The Gallery Players


As You Like It Hipseria, Forester The Guthrie,
Dir. Joe Dowling
A Christmas Carol Londoner The Guthrie,
Dir. Gary Gissleman
The Last Train to Nibroc May (LEAD) Paul Bunyan Playhouse

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ST. OLAF COLLEGE B.A. Music, B.A. Theatre
Acting: The Network (David Vaccari, Brette Goldstein, Kate Geller), June Stein, Andrew Wade, Gary Gisselman
Movement: Mariana Araoz (mask, commedia dell’arte), Leif Jurgenson (viewpoints), Sherry Saterstrom (modern dance)
Singing: Tracey Gorman, Ruth Ideen Sall, Heidi Leeson
Dialects: Minnesotan, Brooklyn, Midwest, Southern, RP British, Irish, Boston
Guitar & Piano (basic), Horseback Riding, Skating, Tumbling, Unicycling, Yoga, Ukelele.
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